Ox Chorizo Hoop

Ox Chorizo Hoop

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There is an ancient tradition in Leon for producing fine charcuterie. This ox chorizo recipe includes beef fat, smoked paprika, garlic, oregano, salt and natural casings. 

Unlike other chorizo recipes, there is no pork fat used in this product. Additive free.

Ox chorizo is darker in colour than normal due to the natural colour of the meat.  It is leaner and has more depth of flavour. The taste is similar to cecina - smoky and with the heat of paprika.

Ox chorizo is a cured product ready to use in thin slices as a tapa with olive oil bread-sticks, ideal for a charcuterie platter.

It is also an ingredient for the traditional guisos (stews) with lentils, chickpeas or butter beans.